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He’s Gone, So Something is Bound to Go Wrong!

Hubby left home on Wednesday.  On Thursday, one of the shutters on the front of the house fell off.  On Friday, my darling 3 1/2-year-old, T decided to sprinkle her juice on my laptop!!  And this is only the beginning of his deployment!!

Many of my friends talk about how when hubby is away that things break or major things happen that normally don’t!  I had one friend that her car just up and died on her and their second car was in an accident.  I’ve also know spouses that have had to have major surgery, extended illnesses and deaths in the family.  Sure, we can send a Red Cross emergency message and they can come home if it is warranted, but the timing just stinks!!  The last time Hubby was gone, my washing machine broke three months before we were to move overseas.  I just needed it to last 3 more months, but no, it wouldn’t cooperate!!  I had to rent a washing machine for 3 months.  So now, we try to prepare for emergencies just a little better when we know he will be away.

The good news is, a neighbor fixed my shutter.  And while the juice fried my motherboard, all the information on my hard drive was intact!  So now I am typing from my “new-to-me” refurbished computer!  I will no longer be leaving my computer open while T is around and I am so happy that we found a great computer repair shop that has two fabulous computer geeks that took care of me today!!