Vacation While He’s Away

We are on vacation!!  And we are having a great time.  Mom came to our home and we are driving to her home together.  There are a lot of laughs, good times, silliness and some yelling with aggravation in between!!  The only thing that is missing is Hubby.

While many families plan family vacations together, when Hubby is deploy, that is not an option.  I’d hate to keep the kids from doing fun things just because Daddy is away.  So we are off.  Visiting friends, seeing some amazing places in the United States and just being together is so much fun.

My youngest is missing Daddy very much.  T has brought along a pictue of her and Daddy that she takes out ever night and puts the frame next to her to sleep.  It is very sweet, but makes me so sad that they are apart.

So life goes on, we vacation and Hubby gets the stories!


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