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How can I not Comment on McCain’s Choice for VP!

I must say, that no matter what the outcome, this whole election process excites me!  For a long time, I have been aware of how important the election process is.  So I was rather excited this morning since I knew that John McCain would announce his running mate.

I really thought that Senator McCain would have picked Mitt Romney.  It seemed like a great choice.  Then names like Tim Pawlenty, Rudy Guillani, Colin Powell were mentioned.  But then came the announcement!  It was the Govenor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

First was shock and surprise.  Then after hearing it again, delight!  It was a woman!  I haven’t been this excited about politics since it was announced in 1984 that Geraldine Ferraro was choosen as Walter Mondale’s running mate.  Back then I was a freshman in high school and could not vote, but still knew what a great moment it was.

My sister called me from Nevada this morning and I said, “Did you hear?”  And she said, “Yes, can you believe it?!”  Both of us were so excited.  Before calling me, she called her husband and work to tell him.  He hadn’t heard at his office, but let everyone know.  His office was excited.  Now don’t think my whole family thinks this is ‘wonderful’.  Talking with my mom this morning, her comment was, “It’s just a ploy”.  I’m not that foolish to think that everyone likes this choice.

I just find it amazing that no matter who wins the presidential election, it will be historical!

Please remember to register and vote!  It’s only been 88 years since woman have been able to vote and remember the military men that lost their lives so that we could live in this great country.  The best way to honor them is to VOTE!!!!