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We Are Moving! Again!

One part about Army life that many people say that they can not live with is the constant moving!  While it can be a hassle and an adjustment for all of us, I like to see it as an adventure.  If I don’t like the place I’m living, I just remember that everything in the Army is temporary.  And before long, I will be moving again!

We’ve know for almost a year now that when my husband returned from Iraq that we would be moving again.  This will be my sixth move in eight years!  Normally, most of us move every 3 or so years, but my husband has had school and other things that have made some of our duty stations short term.  Our next move is exciting for all of us because we will be moving overseas!!!!  And with that comes more stress for this move then the rest.

None of us have ever been overseas (with the exception of hubby’s visits to the sandbox).  So the first thing that was needed was passport for all of us.  So far we have three of them.  The other two had issues with the passport pictures and we need to retake them and sent them in again!  Then we can travel all over Europe and visit friends that are at other duty stations in Europe.

The other major issue that I have is what we are taking.  For this move, we will have to separate our stuff into 4 groups.  First there is our hold baggage.  This is the baggage that is taken ahead of us for our arrival.  Extra clothes, a few toys for the kids, and even a few supplies for the kitchen that I would need in the beginning.  Next there is our household goods.  This includes all of the things that are not in the other shipments.  Our furniture, kitchen goods, toys, bicycles, tools, etc.  Then there is our storage shipment.  Since we are moving overseas, not everything needs to go.  We plan on leaving most of our electronic goods in storage.  The voltage system is different and they would need a transformer to work and transformers use more electricity.  A friend of mine told me how she burnt her bangs when she attempted to use her US curling iron in a UK outlet.  We all know how lovely the smell of burnt hair can be!  Finally, there is the group of belongs that we will be physically taking with us.  Our clothes, make-up, toiletries, and other things to occupy my three little ones!  That is a lot of sorting!

Since all of our previous moves have been stateside, we just packed what we needed and let the movers come and pack everything else.  Now, I need to sort and label what is going where while having three little ones at home and get ready for the holidays too!  It will be all sorts of crazy!

On the bright side, my closets and home will be cleared of any clutter and all those extras we won’t be needed will be given to neighbors or donated to good will.  We also look forward to making new friends!  We may be leaving others behind, but in the Army, we always seem to cross paths again and are able to keep in touch with the internet.

So here is to another move, more packing and clearing of closets!  I’m sure moving overseas will give me many more subjects to blog about soon!