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Happy Father’s Day… From Afar

On Father’s Day morning, kids around the world (Yes, it’s Father’s Day today in other countries too) are waking their father’s up with gifts, cards and giggles!  Unfortunately, for many children with deployed military fathers, they are not able to wake their daddies this morning.

We were lucky that this morning we could call Daddy to say, “Happy Father’s Day”.  But this week, leading up to today has been a bit emotional.  A brought home her Father’s Day gift from school and was very upset that she couldn’t give it to Daddy.  I had to tell her that we could mail it to him.  And R came home with lollipops for Daddy.  He said he’d save them until he got home.

We learn how to celebrate many things from afar while we are a family of a deployed soldier.  Some families save everything and celebrate when they return.  Other’s, like us, mail packages for each celebration.  And we usually send enough that the celebration can include everyone.  With all we do, it still doesn’t make it easy for us at home.  We still miss them, pray for them and look forward to the day that they return!!!


Happy 4th of July!!! — Yes, I’m a bit early!

Today my family will be celebrating the 4th of July!  Yes, we are 8 days early, but there is a method to the madness!

We are at an overseas, joint service base and we have protestors.  They post these funny signs asking for independence from the United States and the fly our American flag upside down.  It’s very hurtful to see.  Even my children say how rude it is.  My oldest (8 years old) said that they should be arrested from protesting!  We had a long talk about freedom of speech and how protest can be a good thing!  The sad part is that I don’t even think these protestors know what they are protesting.  The base and the protestors have been here the same amount of time!  I’m all for protesting if you have a good, valid reason!  So, since they will be protesting July 4 — we celebrate early!

Now here we are, all dressed in our red, white and blue outfits (Thanks to Mom for purchasing and mailing them early!) and ready to head out to celebrate!  It will be a day of good food, good fun, and good friends!!!