Battlemind Skills — L is for Loyalty and Commitment

L is for Loyalty and Commitment

I’ll have to admit that while I write about this, it is not an issue that my husband and I have personally had to deal with.  I am completely loyal and committed to my husband and I trust that he feels the same about me. 

On the other hand, not everyone has the same trust in the relationship that we have in ours.  So regardless of how sure you are in your relationship, it is important for everyone to let their partner know that they love them, are committed to them and are loyal to them.  Especially when a soldier has returned from a deployment.  There are so many unknowns coming back (ie., kids changed, things that are missed, neighbors have changed, etc.) that you want to reassure your soldier that you are there for them.

Let your soldier know that you’ve missed them.  Tell them what you did while he was gone to fill up the time and coped with him being gone.  And hopefully, your soldier will tell you how much he appreciated you staying behind and keeping thigns going for him! 

Note:  I am using information that can be found at along with my own experience and interpretation of the information given.  I do not have any formal schooling on this topic.  If you are married to a soldier and need help with redeployment, please contact your post’s mental health clinic, chain of concern or unit chaplain.


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