Battlemind Skills — T is for Taking Control

T is for Taking Control

A soldier’s world is full of order and control.  They have everything they need where they can get to it in a flash.  Their weapon is always at the ready.  Their minds are alert and in control.  Battlemind skills for a solider are so different from what we have at home.

For the spouse, it’s plain and simple — we are in charge.  We are mother, father, drill sargeant, commanding officer and any other job you can think of all rolled up in one.

For the redeployment, we, as spouses, must try our hardest to reintegrate our soldiers back into our lives.  It takes love, patience and time.  Taking control not only means taking on our roles, but also having the control to give up the control we had during the deployment.

Note:  I am using information that can be found at along with my own experience and interpretation of the information given.  I do not have any formal schooling on this topic.  If you are married to a soldier and need help with redeployment, please contact your post’s mental health clinic, chain of concern or unit chaplain.


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