Presidential Election 2008 – Just a Few More Thoughts from this Army Wife

I really LOVE the political process.  Not politics, but the whole process on how we choose our government officials.  I get all excited by upcoming elections!!!  (Or it could be that since my husband is gone and I need something to occupy my mind! LOL)  So between Sarah Palin’s speech last night and anticipating John McCain’s speech tonight, I am all fired up!!!!  (And just so you know, I felt the same way with Obama and Biden’s speeches.)

Last night was amazing!  First off, yes, I am excited because McCain’s running mate is a woman.  How could I not be!  It’s an amazing thing being that she is only the second woman ever choosen to be a Vice Presidential candidate and the first for the GOP.  That aside, Gov. Palin is an amazing orator.  She had her audiences attention and no one could take their eyes off of her.  She got the crowd fired up and they believed everything she said.  A reporter asked one of the delegates that was unsure of McCain’s pick of running mates, what he thought after the speech was done.  His reaction reminded me of Cuba Gooding, Jr when he won the Oscar.  I was waiting for him to do a handstand!  And Palin’s speech reassured him that McCain’s choice was the right one.

So far, out of all of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, Palin was, by far, the best speaker.  Each in their own way grabbed the attention of the crowd, but there was something about Palin that kept my attention.  Now tonight, it’s John McCain’s turn.  And from what I’ve seen between McCain and Obama, Obama is the better speaker.  I think that McCain really needs to step up to the plate tonight and make us know that he is the best/better candidate.

And remember!  Don’t forget to register and to vote!!!!!


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