Army Brats

Many of my friends, non-military ones, ask how we can move our family around so much.  They also voice concerns about moving our kids from school to school and place to place.  I have many times said that our children make one of the biggest sacrafices for the life the my husband and I have chosen. 

When I met my husband, he was a soldier.  When I married him, I knew what I would be in for.  On the other hand, our children have no voice in our lifestyle.  Granted, no child usually has a voice in whether or not they move, but it’s different in the military.  Relocating and separation are a part of military life and they were born into it.

On the bright side, my children have been able to see all parts of our great country.  They make friends in every location and because of e-mail and webcams, they get to keep in touch with each other.  Now with our next move, we are moving to Europe and this will be a great opportunity for all of them.  My children learn about different cultures within our own country’s borders, as well as other countries.  Not many of use can say the amazing places that we’ve been too when we are 6. 

My mother commented that the first time she flew in an airplane she was in her 30’s and her grandaughter was 6 months old.  Now her grandchildren will all have passport stamps before she does! LOL  Our world is so transient now that anyone can visit most countries freely.  I think this is a great advantage to my children.

I do try to keep a positive spin on everything.  I do it for the kids.  But we do have our tears.  We get sad when others leave and when we leave.  But we try to keep in touch and remind our kids that Daddy is moving for his job. 

I’m currently raising 3 Army Brats, and since we, as a family, have no “place” to call home, we tell our children, “Home is where ever we are together”.


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  1. Posted by Tara on September 2, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Children are not alone either cause they have firends going through the same. I have been around school aged children and they seem to treat other children better then civilians do cause they can understand one antoher they have a special bond between one themselves.


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